Can My Horse Read My Thoughts?

It’s no secret dogs are capable of amazing behavior. Whether emotionally or literally, dogs save lives through their companionship and loyalty to human beings.

If you aren’t familiar with exactly how in-tune canines are with humans, they’re actually able to read your emotions. That’s right; whether you’re feeling happy or sad, your furry best friend can sense whether to comfort you or jump for joy by your side.

According to a recent study, horses join dogs as the only animals able to read human emotions.

Published by Royal Society in Biology Letters, the study performed reactionary tests on horses using photographs as stimuli.

When showed a photograph containing an angry face, the horses redirected their eyes to the left, a reaction generally associated with negative stimuli. They also experienced an increased heart rate as a result of the angry faces.

Next time you come face-to-face with a horse or your canine companion, know that they can sense whether you’re in the mood to punch a wall or settle in for some cuddles. Let it be the latter, or you’re on the train to no love.